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Is BrooklynWhipps Soap made with Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)?

Well i hope so! Yes. Our handmade soap is made with Sodium Hydroxide also known as Alkali (Lye).  Lye, combined with plant oils and nut butters (fats) cause a chemical reaction called Saponification. After the chemical process is complete, the lye is used up in the saponification process to turn oil into soap.  All real soap is made with lye, but no lye remains in the finished product.

Do you use dyes, glitter or mica in your  handmade products?
We do not use dye, food coloring or glitter. We are attracted to beautiful and fantastic colors, but what we see is not always good for us...especially our skin. Our soap is naturally colored using two methods; infusion method and mica's without glitter. Our oils are infused with flowers, herbs and spices, whereby the oils take on a natural color. Mica's are skin safe minerals which occurs naturally in the earth.

Are BrooklynWhipps Soaps Vegan?
Some of our soaps contain beeswax, milk and honey.

My skin looks and feels weird. Maybe I am having an allergic reaction. What should I do? 
Skin purging is normal during the first 60-90 days. Your skin is getting use to something new!  Although our skin care products are all- natural (Organic where possible) there is a possibility your skin is still too sensitive for our ingredients. Monitor any changes and discontinue use if a breakout or an irritation occurs. Consult with your doctor immediately.

What is the best way to contact Customer Service?

The best way is via email at We do not respond to customer service queries on social media. 

How long will the fragrance in my soap last after I receive them ?

We suggest you use the soaps within six months for the best results; color and fragrance may begin to fade over time. However, our handmade soaps will still get the job done and clean your skin.

Methods of Payment

BrooklynWhipps Handmade Soaps & Bath Essentials accepts payment via Square, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard as well as Sezzle.  With Sezzle, we offer a buy now and pay later option.  For more information on Sezzle visit for more details.


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