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Handmade with essential oils, dried flowers and light weight plant oils. 


Available Body Oils:

Almond Joi

Amber Lush (Him) SOLD OUT

Cedarwood Vanilla (Him)

Citrus Hemp

End of Summer

Guava Fig & Rose 

Lemongrass & Patchouli

Lux Glow

Mango Twist

Vanilla Citrus


Almond Joi Almond Joi  is handmade with Sweet Almond Oil and Tamanu Oil.  Sweet Almond Oil is highly moisturizing and is known to cleans the pores. Tamanu Oil is known to treat irritated skin, puffy eyes and allows the collegan in the skin to thrive. 


Amber Lush is handmade with lightweight carrier oils. Ideal for normal skin types. Unisex aroma and a great selection for me. 


Cedarwood & Vanilla is handmade with smokey cedarwood essential oil and sultry vanilla oil. Ideal for thos who love musty rich aromas. 


Citrus Hemp is handmade with citrus essential oils and sativa carrier oils. Does not contain CBD or THC. Hemp Seed Oil is known to balance oily skin and is non comedogenic.


End of Summer is handmade and is reminiscent of fresh air on a summer day. Notes of jasmine, lavender and citrus oils are the main attraction. Recommended for normal skin types, this body oil extremely moisturizing. Pair this with our End of Summer soap bar.


Guava Fig & Rose Body Oil is handmade with Guava Seed Oil and Rose Oil. Let’s not forget the Rose Petals. It is a go-to for mature and dry skin types and is non-comedogenic.


Lemongrass & Patchouli is made with sultry and fragrant essential oils. Patchouli is known to be an aphrodisiac and lemongrass has antibacterial and astrigent properties. A little bit goes a long way.


Lux Glow Face Serum is handmade with Grapefruite Essential Oil and Prickly Pear Oil. It is ideal for all skin types especially mature skin. Opunita ficus indica oil, works to maintain firmness and elasticity of the skin.


Mango Twist is handmade with tropical aromatic oils. Can be used daily and is suggested for normal skin types. 


Vanilla Citrus is handmade with sultry vanilla oil which has a sweet and sultry aroma and antiinflammatory properties. 


Body Oil

  • Aroma: Citrus, Tropical, Lemon, Mango

    Key Ingredients: Essential Oils, Argan Oil, Dried Flowers, Grapeseed Oil, Safflower Oil.

    Size: 4Fl oz.

  • Due to the nature of this products, ther are no exchanges, refunds or returns.  All sales are final. 

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