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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

As promised, #BKSKYNFOOD is here! It's Black History Month, you already know #BLACKSKYNMATTERS and the remainder of February is for new drops. The Ground Hog saw it's shadow which means six more weeks of winter weather, and BrooklynWhipps is prepared to assist with your challanged skin. Melanated skin requires, more attention especially during the colder months. The skin is sometimes Vitamin D deficient, is extremely dry and our feet suffer from constantly wearing winter footwear. There is a solution for this! Today we introduce our Herbal Infused Oils and Bossy Balm.


Bossy Balm, a mixture of highly moistuizing nut butter, infused with herbs and Cera alba penetrates cracked heels, calluses and can make your feet look vibrant. Our rich formula has been tested and tried with great results. Prep your feet now for the upcoming warm months. Get your skin right with #BKSKYNFOOD's Bossy Balm.

Herbal Infused Oils, a multi-use product crafted with carrier oils, dried flowers and essential oils which are known to benefit the face, scalp, ands nails.

Lavender Infused Herbal Oil, is packed with Lavendula angustifolia, a powerhouse herbaceous Lavender Flower and several Lavender Essential Oil products. Lavender's numerous benefits include anti-aging, promotes relaxation and sleep, and is thought to address anxiety and relieve stress. This oil can improve your mood when incorporated in to your skin care routine. Great for shoulder massages.

Lemongrass Infused Herbal OIl, is sensitive enough to use daily. Lemongrass Essential Oil and Melaleuca Oil, cleanses the pores, has antiseptic properties and purifies the skin. With a slight citrusy and minty aroma, it will awaken you and prepare you for the day.

Rosemary Mint Herbal Infused Oil, a scalp oil crafted to assist with minimizing dandruff, stimulating the scalp, uncloging pores and promoting hair thickness and hair growth. Mix it with your natural conditioner and shampoo, or use direcetly on the scalp as a treatment before you wash your hair. Depending on your skin type, this oil can be used on your face.


How to use Bossy Balm

  • Apply to clean, dry feet and massage.

  • Best used after Pedicure/Callus removal.

  • Cover feet with cotton socks after application.

  • Use daily as needed.

How to use Herbal Infused Body OIls

  • Apply to clean, damp skin.

  • Use as a daily moisturizer, bath oil or massage oil.

  • Can be applied as a hair, nail or scalp treatment.


Let BrooklynWhipps feed your skin from the outside to increase, elasticity, clean pores, and moisturized skin. Consistency with the process will yield the desired progress. Boss up with our Herbal Infused Oils and Bossy Balm. For more info or questions, contact us at

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